As software, systems and process grow increasingly complex, talented engineering managers have never been more important to the maintenance of integrity and efficiency in the systems, processes and personnel required to deliver services, prepare for emergencies, and add value to enterprises. Yet the engineering management field has undeniably experienced a seismic shift in recent years, fueled by the explosion of 'big data' available to managers, analysts and decision-makers. No longer limited to project and personnel management, the discipline is changing quickly and transforming the role of the engineering manager.

Download our free white paper, written by one of our leading engineering management faculty members, and learn about the four trends that will shape this critical industry over the next decade. Ensure you’re equipped to respond, anticipate and lead in this fast-paced field. Learn about:

  • Bold new threats to systems security, and how engineers must defend against them
  • A new way of integrated thinking that will transform the engineering management field
  • What you need to know to compete in the engineering management career marketplace

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